Aqua sure is the latest breakthrough in skin resurfacing technology at a affordable cost. Suitable for all skin types and complexions both men and women, it is the only hydrodermabrasion treatment that combines cleansing, exfoliation, peeling, extraction of impurities, hydration and antioxidant protection in just one treatment.

This ability to moisturise the skin separates Aqua sure H2 from all other skin exfoliating and resurfacing treatments. Aqua sure H2 removes dead skin cells and impurities in a similar but gentler way to microdermabrasion, but also simultaneously bathes the underlying skin with active serums that cleanse, exfoliate, rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, refining skin tone and texture.

Aqua sure H2 is a quick and safe treatment that exfoliates and stimulates new skin cells to grow more rapidly, without requiring any downtime from work or social activities. It targets fine lines and wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores, oily or acne-prone skin, hyper pigmentation and brown spots, leaving the skin looking younger, fresher and more radiant.

The Aquasure H2 system delivers the benefits of multiple treatments using its revolutionary 5-step system:

  1. Cleaning and Exfoliation
    Dead skin cells and removed to reveal healthy fresh skin.

  2. Acid Peel
    A gentle peel helps to loosen dirt and debris from pores without irritation.

  3. Extractions
    Painless, automated extractions use vortex suction to clean out pores.

  4. Hydration & Protections
    Ingredients are Vortex-Fused to nourish and protect. The skin is bathed in cleansing, hydrating and moisturising serums.

  5. Water Galvanic massage

    Provides skin lifting through micro current stimulation of (+) and (-) Also helps penetrate active ingredients of solutions deeper in to the skin, and finally helps benefit most out of your product and treatment outcome.